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What is best in a Turbocharger Upgrade?

  • Keep the turbo OEM Just develop a performance compressor

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  • Increase the size of the compressor modifying the turbo as needed

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Hello Everyone

I am a new member of this forum and i also own a company specialized in turbochargers, we have many turbos for the stock version of the 2011-2012 truck and we are in process of developing an upgrade to this turbo, and i have a couple of questions for the consumers if you are kind enough to answer

We are debating on upgrading the Compressor wheel to more blades and an angle for better airflow and keeping the turbo to the OEM specifications, (No porting the compressor housing),

Or increasing the inducer size of the compressor as well as the exducer, this would result in better performance but also modifying the turbo, we understand the imporance of some customers of not modifying their truck or OEM specifications, i know most of the popular upgrades in the market like Full-race, Cavalli-MPT, and some others,

We can also develop a bigger turbine to compensate the increase of size in the compressor however, we need to make sure our product will be sold in order to pay for all this investments. we just want to see what the consumers might think

Thanks a lot!
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