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Did you know..........

1-I’m a 5th generation fabricator, welder, machinist, engine builder

More to come.....just wanted to let people know I can weld, seems like people need to make sure others know I can weld. Although, I haven’t been a “welder” since I was about 20. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I am a welder when I weld, and when I weld I also wear and own a welding mask. Which is cool, it helps when welding. 🤯 that blows your mind, I know right.

first learned to weld was when I was 7

First motor I believe I built at the age of 13-14.

It’s unique, or at least I believe so.
One side of my family is deeply rooted in engine building/engine dyno (Many generations). The other side of my family is the fab/welder/machinist side. Good mix, I would venture to say I’m very fortunate. The history runs deep and is rich with very interesting info as are most families. Perhaps ill share some later when I have some time to write more, but I just want to set something straight here.

- no matter what.....one thing that will never ever change, is when I am welding something, I’m a welder. As of today I’ve been a welder since yesterday.

History is cool, 1919 is when it all started pretty much for both sides of my family in the United States. That’s where this post ends, and I’ll pick up with some more later.
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