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I took my Flex today to get a dyno done before the new ATP turbos get here next week. This dyno is the stock turbos upgraded with a billet stock size (48mm) compressor wheel on my baby Garrett GT15 stock turbos. I was fighting some tuning gremlins but we were able to get this run out clean rolling in late at 3500RPM to WOT. I had another dyno that actually hit 480+ HP but the throttle closed and shut the run down.

The crazy curves are due to us having to baby the car into high boost, I need to do a better job of tuning fuel AND the car was lifting off the rollers if we floored it down low. The previous curves were from when I dyno'd my car on E85/91 octane mixture with stock turbos.

With the ATP's I'm hoping for 600WHP soon on the Flex, hopefully 2 to 3 weeks.

Can't wait to see what the turbos do on the truck!

BTW, this car now holds the record for highest HP Ecoboost ANYTHING.

Just remember this graph is NOT CLEAN! It was us compensating for the ECU fighting us and the aux fuel system. We had to roll into the throttle get the HP and then roll out quickly. The lower numbers are the stock turbo power 400/472 a few months back.

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