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Hey that's my middle name!

Yesterday I took truck to it's first outing to a local cars n coffee. Mostly big $ cars but they allowed me to enter show as in the past I had donated to one of their charities.

Just hanging around and I see this gorgeous new Ford GT pull up. A bit later I wander over and take a bit of video and a few pics. Later on there is a guy and a teenage son checking out the truck. We get to chatting and he says "when I first saw your truck I really really liked it but when I saw what was underhood I realized it is same basic engine in my car" Figuring the SHO taurus was a thing of the past I asked him "which car is yours" He points over and says "The GT over there"! He then says Your truck is my favorite vehicle here! WOW, A GT owner that is total down to earth. Even though it was 100+ deg out and quite humid we chatted for a good hour or more. He then pulled the GT over by the truck for a photo op! Exchanged info and are planning a bit of ride/drive swap! He actually called and spoke or texted the GTService center that is only one local & also in the works to bring truck over there for them to check out!

There were more people around my truck than most of the other HIGH $ cars and of course the GT stole the show.

Quick vid I put together. Happy 4th!

Well deserved attention I would say! Such a cool build!
381 - 381 of 381 Posts