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Dan- "Here's what we know so far. The lightweight 126-inch-wheelbase truck will be offered in both two- and four-wheel drive, weighing in right around 5,000 pounds, and no doubt likely will be the preferred choice of all those starved sport truck refugees looking for the best pickup to do a smoky burnout for their buddies" -Pickuptruck.com

So doing some quick math on power to weight ratio.

2001 Ford Lightning
Curb Weight was 4702lbs
380BHP @ 4750rpms.
Power to weight ratio of .080
CarandDriver.com (APR 2001)
0-60= 5.2sec
1/4 Mile = [email protected]

2014 Ford Tremor
Curb Weight (approx) 5000lbs
365BHP @ 5000rpms (which we know is modest)
Power to weight ratio of .073

Keep in mind this does not account for the EcoBeast Epic TQ curve nor does that take in the consideration of Modifications/dyno results showing well over 400BHP

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It is going to fall short of the Lightning's performance in its stock form but not by much. The Lightning made 450 lb.ft compared to the 420 our ecoboost engines make. The 'Tremor' is going to kick the door open for modifications being that it is more of a sport truck than a screw could ever be. I don't think it will be long before we see a 10 second 3.5l ecoboost. When the 'Tremor' hits the market the tuners will be competing for business by posting their accomplishments. He with the fastest truck gets the business. They'll be pushing the limits and boundaries to win the market. I'm still crossing my fingers that Ford offers this engine in a Mustang performance package.
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