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Rules and Guidelines

The community on our forum is a great group of people that share a passion for the Ford F150 Ecoboost trucks. Many members have extended knowledge and experience of Ford product(s) in general, and are here to help to the best of their ability. This forum is all about members helping members.

Before you begin posting, please read these guidelines. If there is anything that is unclear, or if you have questions please feel free to contact one of the Moderating team here at F150Ecoboost.net.

Please Note: This is a privately owned forum. We, the owners and the Moderating team, reserve the right to accept or decline your membership application. You are not guaranteed membership and your membership is subject to revocation. We reserve the right to declare what is suitable and what is not on F150Ecoboost.net.

"Rules and Guidelines" for F150Ecoboost.net

1. No content that is considered racist, obscene, R or X-rated, or objectionable will be allowed. All such posts will be deleted without notice and the member who posted it will be issued infractions and or banned at our discretion. This includes usernames and avatars. The use of corporate/business usernames is reserved only for approved forum vendors.

2. This is a Family Friendly Forum (think G rated). Posts should be tasteful. Do not post content that you would not want your children, mothers, wives or neighbors kids to see. This includes profanity of any kind or the acronyms used to imply profanity. It is expected that members know where this line should be. If there is any question please contact a staff member for clarification.

3. Discussion of Politics or Religion will only be allowed in an area specified for such discussion. These threads will only be posted in the Off Topic sub-forum. Please keep these discussions civil and friendly. Discussions will be moderated/edited/ removed at the Staff’s discretion in order to keep threads in check.

4. You will be considered to have violated a persons privacy by publishing personal or private information without their consent. If you feel there is a need to make personal information public, please discuss your concerns with a member of our moderation staff.

5. Personal attacks on others will not be tolerated. We take politeness very seriously. You are welcome to challenge others points of view and opinions, but do so respectfully and thoughtfully. Don’t make posts personal.

6. Create threads in the proper forums. Threads posted in the wrong forum are subject to being removed. A thread with the same theme or topic posted in multiple forums (cross posting) is subject to benig merged or deleted. This may also include the issuance of a Warning or Infraction.

7. We have a zero-tolerance approach for SPAM. If you post SPAM, your account may be permanently banned and your posts/threads will be deleted. No advertising with the exception of Supporting Vendors is allowed on F150Ecoboost.net without prior approval by a member of the the Administrative staff.

8. Do not send SPAM via private messages. See #7

9. Do not promote your personal websites, domains, company, or services in any of the discussion forums, signature lines or usernames. This includes starting a thread, replying to a post, or including it in your signature line. Only Supporting Vendors are allowed to advertise on this site. Please contact the ADMIN if you wish to become a Supporting Vendor.

10. Promoting other Ford F150 Ecoboost related forums in your posts, signatures, or in any way on the forum is not permitted. Unless an agreement has been reached with the ADMIN of F150Ecoboost.net, doing so without this will result in infractions being issued and/or banning. You are; however, permitted to place links to personal blogs, facebook, Twitter, etc.

11. This like any internet forum, will likely have the occasional difference of opinions, between members and between members and forum staff. Realizing that this may happen be aware that disagreements, criticisms, name calling, finger pointing (calling someone out) and the like are not to be aired publicly within the forums. Users may not always agree with the decisions or actions of the moderators/administrators, their decisions however are considered to be the “last word” in any disagreement. Staff members will do their best to accommodate reasonable requests and answer questions from members within a reasonable period of time. Please feel free to Private Message the staff member directly to discuss these matters. Do not air “dirty laundry” in public forums.

12. Any abuse towards staff members and/or management will result in immediate suspension of your account.

13. Signature guidelines:
  • No external links as indicated above should be posted in your signature - the exception as mentioned, is of course the links to personal blogs, facebook, twitter, etc, or your business information for Supporting Vendors.
14. If you have any questions as to whether something is acceptable, please message a moderator.

15. Report posts that are inappropriate or abusive instead of quoting or responding to these posts. Defending yourself is still seen as ignoring the guidelines and may result in infractions and accounts being banned.

16. There is a Buy/Sell/Trade sub-forum on f150ecoboost.net. Specific requirements must be met in order to advertise on this site. Please read the Sticky for instructions located at the beginning of the Buy/Sell/Trade sub-forum post list before posting to this sub-forum.

Note: These Guidelines are subject to change as the forum matures and grows. We will do our best to notify users of any changes.

With the exception of SPAMMERS, we will make every effort to notify you if you are not following the forum’s guidelines. Problems and complaints should be directed to the Moderating Team or Admins. They will take actions as they deme appropriate to resolve the issue in a private and discreet manner.

A good rule of thumb to remember is to treat everyone as you wish to be treated!

Most of all....Have fun and enjoy the forums!

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Updated May 31, 2020:

Rule #16 was added to these instructions to help members understand requirements of the Buy/Sell/Trade sub-forum.
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