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I'm the new guy. Previous 3 trucks were F-250's. Last of which was an 02 7.3L.
My towing needs have diminished recently so here I am.
Purchased a new 2023 Fx4, 3.5 EB, 302a.
36 gallon tank, console shift, sport pkg, beer drinking window. No sun roof, (by design)
So far, active air dam delete and inter cooler shudders delete. I added bed tie downs, cause Ford cheaped out, put on
275/70/18 Cooper AT3, XLT's on stock wheels. F-150 decal on "auto" gate.
So far loving it.
I want to level it. Do you guys buy all new struts or are the pucks good enough?
Thanks for having me!
Lots to learn.
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No problem, we're here to help you spend your $$!

The Eibach Coilovers are adjustable on the truck, and you dont have to disassemble your stock coils or mess with coil spring compressors.

That's what I recently replaced my Bilstein's with, so that I can go up from stock-ish height in the future if I get the whim, without taking them back off the truck & disassembling the shock.
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I ran pucks on my 2016 and currently on my 2018. Never did an alignment on either truck. Rides like stock,
Here's my thread about it...
2" front level - before and after pic | F150 Ecoboost Forum
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Close to $4000. But they were reaserched and budgeted befor my XL RCSB was delivered. Higher versions of Eibach, Fox, RCVertex, Freedom Offroad, King, Halolift, have threaded collar adjustments. Next less costly are spacer collared with multiple fixed heights like Bilstien and many others. I have always been convinced OEM shock absorbers to be too soft and lose control quickly, a product built for mass consuption with ride softness and low cost in mind. KM.
Thanks for all the info. I like the threaded adjustability. Appreciate it.
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