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Just purchased a 2011 F150 Ecoboost XLT Crew Cab. It's white had two prior owners was a fleet vehicle for a Canadian Ford branch. It has 170k miles on it. I picked it up for cheap so I knew I would have to replace some things.

Since I've owned it and put another 2k on it I have replaced all six spark plugs and coils, change the engine oil and filter, replaced some blown fuses, replaced the windshield, and replaced two O2 sensors. So far that's it, I do plan on replacing all the other fluids within the months to come.

I bought this to be a starter tow vehicle for my fiancee's motorcycle to take to track days and for my GTR to take to track days. And so I can purchase big items and not have to worry about shoving them into a sports cars trunk.

I do have one question and didn't want to start a new thread but I will if it's not answered here as well. It's about Katzkin leather seat replacements. I've come across a few on eBay but the ones I like in the colors I like are listed as 2013/2014 if the seat pattern is the same are the seats themselves the same? I'm new to F150s so figured I would check here first.

Thanks guys.
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