I just got this and held it up to the front of my truck and don't want it anymore. It's a great quality Putco metal lower grill insert as seen here on these two sites. It's just not what I was really looking for. (Can you say Guinea pig?)
83161 - Putco Bumper Grille Inserts Black Hex Style
2018-2020 F150 Putco Black Hex Shield Lower Grille 83161 (stage3motorsports.com)

Selling now for around $90 USD online.
To clear out space in my parts storage, I'll sell you this one for $75 shipped to USA or Canada.
Priced dropped 10/24 from $85 to $75. Buy now! Avoid the Christmas rush!

10/30 - getting close to rock bottom price - now only $65 - shipped to USA

11/21 -Black grill must be a sign I need to run a Black Friday sale! So, here it is: $50 shipped to USA or Canada!

11/29 - In the spirit of Giving Tuesday, this Putco Grill is now free - but you have to pay actual USPS shipping costs.