Traded in the F150. I know I did it backwards, but it happened fast, got a good deal, anyways, I have a few factory items taking up space in my closet, I'll give this a week or so max. Not looking to make money, would rather the items get used. Venmo only (goods and services), looking for price listed + shipping, just to cover my time and Venmo fees. Honestly not sure which will be cheaper, but willing to do USPS or UPS, whichever the purchaser prefers. Zip, weight, and dimensions listed with each item.

Items from a 2013 F150 SCREW XLT

First up is a set of factory halogen headlamps. Looking for $20 + shipping from 20171. Let's call it 28lbs, and the box is 25.5"h x 23"l x 21.5"w. Lights probably have 60k miles on them. No cracks, all tabs intact. Replace your dingy ones, do a retrofit, whatever you'd like. If you only need the L or R, $20 + shipping and I'll throw in the other one for free! FYI, they'll ship in a Morimoto box, don't get excited, there won't be Morimoto headlights in there.
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Next up is a black set of factory carpets. Again, out of a 2013 F150 SCREW XLT. Carpets are in near mint condition. Not sure the exact amount of time they were used, likely 5-6k miles. As you can see, there are no rips, no tears, no stains. They are black. Shipping from 20171, they'll be about 5 pounds in the box, 8.5"h x 22"l x 16.5"w. Looking to get $10, via Venmo, + whatever you calculate for shipping to your zip.
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