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Hello all.

I’m Marcus, from Orange County NY. I’ve recently acquired a 2013 F150 SCrew XLT 3.5L w/ 58K miles. Race Red

Pretty much a basic truck. Had zero mods, and is in excellent condition. It’s been running great.

I’ve had it almost a year and put about 7K miles on it.

This summer, I’ve done a whole lot of upgrades / installs / maintenance (All Maintenance done with Motorcraft parts & Fluids unless otherwise noted), all done myself:

-Factory Auto-Start w/ 2 new keys (Used Forscan to activate Autostart and Program Keys)
-Tow Bar / Hitch (Truck has Tow/Haul on Gear shift, don’t know why it didn’t have a hitch)
-Hopkins Smart Backup Camera system
-LED tailgate bar (w/sequential turn signals)
-Tailgate Assist Piston
-Backup audio warning signal
-Full Blackout (Badges, Tint, Head/Tail/Fog/3rd Brake Lights...waiting to get pulled over for all the tint, LMAO)
-Full LED replacements ( Every bulb throughout the vehicle, Headlights FluxBeam X v.2 LED: 6000K Lightning Blue)
-Putco Switchback Day Liners (DRL’s)
-Z-OFFROAD 4.5" Round LED Fog Lights Black
-Towing Mirrors (Heat, Power, Signal & Puddle lights)
-Rear Window Defroster
-Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror
-Turbo Boost Gauge
-Snaprest Arm Rest ( Lord I love this thing!!!)
-Bully Bar w/ LED Light Bar
-Raptor Style Grille
-Raptor Style Fender Flares
-Weathertech Bug Shield & Window Vent Visors
-RoughCountry Hard Tonneau Cover
-Rear Wheel Fender Liners
-Team RXP Dual Catch Can system
-AFE 4” Cat Back, Muffler Delete
-AFE Dual Stage 3” Cold Air Intake
-Accel Super Coil Packs
-New Motorcraft Plugs
-New Motorcraft MAP sensors
-New Motorcraft PCV
-Coolant system flush & fill
-Front Differential drain & fill
-Transmission Drain, filter & fill
-Transfer Case Drain & fill
-Rear Differential Drain & fill
-Brake system flush & fill
-BG GDI Intake Cleaning Service

-I removed as much of the flaking rust as I could and painted the entire underside with NAPA RustProof ( Not a rubberized product... more like an enamel paint) and then fluid filmed the areas I couldn’t get to with the paint

-I use WIX/XP oil filters and Red Line 5w-30 w/ BG MOA ( I will be sending samples to Blackstone for analysis)
I also use BG EPR before each oil change & BG 44K after each oil change (Yes, I’m a die hard BG product user)

Things I’ve just ordered and have yet to install:

-SCT/BULLY DOG BDX TUNER W/ CHOICE OF 5 STAR CUSTOM TUNES (93 Performance, 93 Performance/Tow, 93 Economy, 85+ Adaptive Octane)

-MISHIMOTO Full Performance Intercooler Kit w/ Tubes, all Black

-TurboSmart SP Supersonic BOV Kit

-OPT-7 AURA PRO LED Truck Bed Pod Lighting Kit - Multi-Color Bluetooth App Enabled

-A cheap Chinese sensor system to put in my Bully Bar so I know how far I can pull forward.

The only other items I’m going to change ( Next Summer ) will be:

-New Rims and Tires ( Planning on moving up to 18” with a nice negative offset)

-Leveling kit only if it’s necessary to get the 18” wheels

-Some flat black decals to break up the bright red and tie in with the blackout theme ( Hood, and sides )

-Flat Black PlastiDip the remaining chrome on bumpers and side steps

-Carbon Fiber Accents for the interior

....and replace the awful stereo system. I’ve yet to see (or hear) a Ford factory stereo that’s worth anything.

2013 F150 XLT 3.5L

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