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Grommet Failure: UPR 15-20 F150 Ecoboost 2.7L and 3.5L Plug n Play™ Dual Valve Oil Catch Can with ECSS

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I installed this UPR catch can after rolling off the lot with my truck and have been extremely pleased with the fit and function. After 2 years of running the system, it has caught quite a bit of grit and gunk from the PCV system (particularly during the colder months) that otherwise would have reduced combustible octane, etc.

I created this post simply as an FYI to others that are using or plan to use a catch can setup that has a bung connection on an intake pipe. The issue I discovered with the UPR system is related to a rubber grommet that gets inserted into the intake tube during installation and has a 90 degree threaded bung fitting inserted into the grommet itself. Over time, the rubber grommet will dry out creating a connection failure where one side of the grommet will also dislodge and be ingested by the turbo.

Here are PICs of the deteriorated grommet:

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Rim Bicycle part

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Synthetic rubber Tread

I caught the grommet failure while doing a spark plug change so none of it got ingested by the turbo. If you have the same or similar connection to an intake tube, it might be wise to epoxy the bung connection instead of relying on a rubber grommet on the intake tube.
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Prior to making this post, I did not contact UPR for a solution to the issue. If I did, I am confident that they would have corrected it with at least a replacement grommet. For me, I'm more interested in using a permanent bonding solution so I don't have to think about a connection point failure later on down the road. Fix it and forget it mentality.
No problems on my end with the hose sizing or routing. Just a cheap grommet included with the kit.
Granted the grommet stinks but read my thoughts on the system in this thread.
Any clue why normal combustion chamber vapors would condensate more in a can during cold weather ?
I'm obviously late to the game but now understand the sarcasm. Thanks! I'm ripping out this catch can system today.
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