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I am happy to join the rest of you at this great new site!

While I am not a newbie to the world of trucks and off-road operating in the deserts and mountains of California and nearby Nevada, I do not currently have an EB powered F-150.

However, I think this is an awesome engine, it is the future, and it is here right now!

I was going to trade in my '09 for a new '13 EB FX4; however, having recently viewed the photos and data on the proposed new truck, I have decided to wait the additional 18-19 months or so, for the release of the new 2015 version, which is slated to be available in the Fall of 2014! I have recently turned 50,000 miles on my '09, and it runs perfectly!

My plan is to get my order in on the first week the ordering banks open, most likely in late summer or early fall of 2014. I have already discussed my plan with my salesman at Galpin Ford, up in L.A. And, I view the industry scheduling site almost weekly, in this regard.

Last, I wish to offer to the members and those who are still lurking, I know [many] who own EB powered trucks, in my circle of personal friends, among my co-workers, and also neighbors and those I run into in my city and at the Ford dealership when I am getting my oil changed. In this regard, not one has reported/complained about any significant issue with the engines in their EB powered trucks. Everyone, I know, in this regard, is very happy with the performance of their EB F-150's.

I am thankful to Ford, for providing us with such a great product, and superior innovation, at a time in our lives, when it seems the powers-to-be are continually trying to limit our freedom and options of choice, in many aspects of our life.

I have test driven several, EB 12's and 13's, and I just cannot wait to get mine too; I cannot tell you how much will-power it takes, to hold off and wait, for the newest version of our great truck. :)

Best wishes to all!!
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