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Husky Floor Liners.....X-Acts vs Weather Beaters

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Hello Everyone, I just wanted to clear the air on the difference between the Husky X-Acts Contours and the Weatherbeaters. I get this question asked quite a bit. The Husky X-Acts are Husky' top of the line floor liner, it is well on par with the WT laser fit. It is considerably nicer in the way that the material is alot softer and grippier, especially when the temps drop the liner does not have that hard feeling like the WT. Fitment is just as good if not better then the WT. On the otherside of Husky is their entry level WeatherBeater, which is not on par with a premium liner. If you are price concerned then this line will be perfect for you, but you will give up on quality and fit. If you all have any questions just shoot me over a PM, I will be happy to help.
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Hey Everyone, Husky has sent us some install videos for their X-Act and Weatherbeater line of mats, check it out

Do you offer forum discounts, and can you get them for a 2014 Escape?
Too bad they could not take a few minutes to properly install the X-act rear mat in the video. The mat actually needs to be tucked up under the plastic storage bin that runs along the rear floor of the cab. Once that gets tucked under the rear mats don't move at all.

These are great floor mats, have had mine for a while now. Wash them wish soapy water once in a while and they look like new.
I love mine in my 150 thats why I want some for the wifes new to her Escape
What part numbers are you after kind sir, I can help you with that
Imnot sure its for a 14 Escape?
Hey Buddy, just use the links below and please use our promo code f150husk The Escape is only available in the Weather Beater Lines

Husky Liners 2013+ Ford Escape WeatherBeater Combo Black Floor Liners 99741

Husky Liners 2013+ Ford Escape WeatherBeater Black Rear Cargo Liner 23741
Remember RDP Store is the number one seller of Husky full line of products and we have the best price. If you find a better price let us know and will no questions asked beat it, but good luck. RDP stores promo code f150husk gets you the best price on Huskys you can find anywhere.
RDP Store just supercharged its promo code f150husk we are have a sale because Husky is having a sale......save extra money now till end of the month


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Do you have the Husky x-acts in black for an 11 screw with the full back, don't see it on the website
Husky Liners 09-14 Ford F-150 Series 53311

Husky Liners 09-14 Ford F-150 SuperCrew Cab X-Act Contour 53991

Hey Buddy, view the links above. They are listed in the front liner section then the rear liner section kind sir.
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