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I was fortunate enough to be one of the few people chosen to be a beta tester for Hypertech's tuner for the ecoboost. I've been running it for about a month now on my 11 screw lariat. I really love this tune. I haven't noticed any hiccups at all. It also seems to have regained the 2mpg that my exhaust cost me on the highway. The part throttle conservative driving in town seems much less doggy than stock, and when you lay into the throttle it is truly amazing. Here are the specs.
Premium: +87HP +101Ft-Lbs
Regular: +65HP +58Ft-Lbs

This is from one of their engineers.
We have tested all the other Programmers out there, and the only tune close is the SCT Performance tune (93oct, no towing). The tunes make almost the same power (all the turbos can do), but ours makes it with 2psi less boost, and on 91oct. Plus I know that the fuel system isn't maxed out with our tune and theirs does.

Here's the all out comparison.

3.5L EcoBoost F150
6.2L F150
6.2L GM


The EcoBoost and HEMI are pretty much neck-and-neck. Above 4kRPM tho, the big 6.2L's pull away with the GM really dominating everywhere. This is a little misleading in the lower RPMs though since we really can't show you what the power is doing <3kRPM due to the Automatic trans on the dyno.

87oct Hypertech Tuned

With Hypertech tuning, the EcoBoost looks almost identical to the Ford 6.2L. The GM still dominates most of the power curve, and the HEMI gets better, but still doesn't have the HP near redline. Notice that lowend torque of the Ecoboost at 3k RPM. The big V8's are going to fall off down low, but the little turbos and direct injection of the V6 is going to keep making power down low. This will be awesome for take-off and highway towing.

91oct Hypertech Tuned

And then the turbos showed up! The EcoBoost puts it on everybody with some octane. HEMI and Ford are battling out for 3rd, but the GM stepped up a little more to keep it's lead on the V8's. But the EcoBoost is dominating the lowend torque, and almost equal in topend HP.

I do believe that GM's DI V8 will probably make a ton more torque down low, so I expect those new engines are going to be mighty impressive. But, once you see the turbos in action you know this is the wave of the future, and that ain't a bad thing; sounds aside.

Note: Don't take this comparison as gospel. The dyno runs are years apart, and not a perfectly accurate comparison. They are good enough for us to check out and discuss though.
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