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1st issue, it's a 2003 Dodge 1500 with a 4.7.... yes I know it is a p.o.s., it is my stepsister's car not mine, I own an ecoboost

So here is the issue, my friend and I installed an alpine deck, fosgate punch amp, and 2 p3s dvc 10" woofers in said dodge truck. My friend is a seasoned professional, worked at best buy installing stereos and was an MTX rep, I trust him. Install went great. When we tried tuning the system we ran into clipping issues, after we tuned the system down so it didn't clip, we sent her on her way. She was very happy. Then after an approximate 30 min drive, her check gauges light came on and her amp meter was pegged high side. She shut the truck off and called me. My friend and I chatted and figured the alternator took a dump, it had 136,000 rounds on it. We ran a new alternator to her and after the install of the alternator we checked the system, it preformed better! So we figured we nipped it in the bud. She calls me the next day her truck did the same exact thing, check gauges light comes on and her amp meter is pegged high side. I told her to take the fuse out of the power cable to the amp and go for a drive. The amp meter worked just fine, put the fuse back in and it acts up. So we then thought it was where we put the power cable at, the jumper post, not the battery, so we moved it to the battery, same problem, amp meter pegs high side.

What I have found out is that Dodge decided that in 1987 they needed to make a voltage regulator external and put it in the ECM. :(

Any help would be great, Thank you in advance.
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