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I've been looking for replacement bulbs for the interior map lights for my 2016 Platinum. Unfortunately, I was unable to find replacements and here is the reason why. They are LED's on a circuit board. If you have a light go out, I would imagine the entire circuit board module would have to be changed. I just wanted to change the color lights to continue with my black and red accent theme to my Magnetic Metallic Truck.

Since the LED Lights can't be changed, I found some red window tint at RVinyl and installed over the front and rear map lights. The following images will show you how to removed the overhead console if you have the full sunroof option.

With an interior trim piece removal tool kit, insert it and pop it down. It doesn't take much force.


Once the trim piece has been disengaged from the clips, you will see four (4) connectors. Disconnect them by pushing on the tabs and lightly pull.


After I disconnected the plugs, I removed the forward cover and exposed the circuit board. You can see from the following images what the board and lights look like.




Since I couldn't change the lights, I reassembled everything and used the red window tint and covered the white lens. The LED is bright enough that it will still illuminate the interior of the truck. This film had adhesive on one side. Cut a piece to cover the lens, then trim with a sharp blade just like when applying vinyl.





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