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2018 Ford F-150 4WD Lariat Sport, SuperCrew, 4WD, 3.5 EcoBoost, Special Edition Package
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I was looking through old pictures from last year and came across some I took of the 3.5: one is a date sticker placed on top of the engine (first picture), one is a date and time stamped into the block (second picture), and the other is a date stamped behind the tailgate (third picture).

Picture 1: The sticker is 03 08 18, translating to August 3, 2018 (Friday).

Picture 2: The block date says 19 07 18, translating to July 19, 2018 (Thursday), and displays the time of 14 07 26, translating to 2:07:26 PM(?) And what does that blue sticker (either a 6 or a 9) mean?

Picture 3: The truck was assembled in August 2018 (specifically August 7 (Tuesday), as the CarFax report states, and a date stamped behind the tailgate). At first I thought this stamped date was when the frame was manufactured, but I noticed in the CarFax the date of first use matched it. I thought this was a coincidence so I looked at my 2019 Hyundai Tucson which states January 4, 2019 in the car door jamb, and again the CarFax shows the same date, so I guess both are accurate ways to know when the vehicle was assembled.

Does this mean the block itself was manufactured on July 19, but the engine wasn't fully assembled until August 3?
And wouldn't the 364 AB (Picture 1) be the engine number? When the first-gen 3.5 underwent development testing (there are several YouTube videos on it) it was always referred to as engine 448 AA (and also had a sticker labeled that, but it was attached to the side of the block and more noticeable).

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