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Hey guys, long time no see. Since you've all seen me (if you ever remember me) I've sold the truck and gone with a Subaru Forester 2.0XT as it's replacement. We needed something more suited for the family and the truck wasn't cutting it. Sold the truck with all it's glorious parts on it and I'm now left with a closet full of random F150 parts I have no more use for. This is a rather hodge-podge of parts, but I will try to explain as much as possible.

I haven't been able to figure out how to post the pictures individually using Google Photos, but instead just made a gallery. Let me know if this works!

MSD Coilpacks (5/6) $125 shipped FIRM Used for less then 100 miles (with the exception of the last one which I sold with the truck) I was testing methods of strengthening the voltage signal due to spark blow out issues in cyl#3 during my GT Turbo build. Never had an issue with blow-out with these. Swapped these out for new OEM and left the offending cylinder with the #6 coilpack before sale.

RECON F150 Lighted Side Emblems (Brand new!) $250 shipped FIRM These have never been installed, just opened for pictures. Brand new, in new condition!

UPR Mega Catch Can (With Modifications) $175 SHIPPED I've made a few changes to this catch can. In principal it is the same exact kit as offered by UPR, minus the check valves. For my setup I was running vacuum through both driver & passenger turbocharger inlets, and was going to modify it to also run off the intake manifold as well. After my GT Turbo install I noticed that at idle I was getting a much stronger smell of oil through the system. This is a common issue which lead me to the idea of adding a "T" and running additional vacuum from the intake manifold. I have all new UPR (rev2) vacuum check valves that you WILL need to run if you decide to run off the intake manifold. The only thing you are missing is a 1/2" vacuum nipple for the passenger's side turbo inlet pipe. REMEMBER, if you install this kit using vacuum from the intake manifold instead of installing a vacuum nipple and running it off the passenger's side turbo instake pipe, you will NEED to run a check valve. Pressurising the PCV system is NOT a good thing and can result in catastrophic damage to the engine. Remember to follow the manufacturer's instructions for install. If you decide to go with my custom route, just know I take NO responsibility to what may happen to your vehicle. As shown in the pictures, I've also broken off the nipple to the bottom of the catch can. So you'll need an extraction kit, or possibly a larger screw to remove the broken off remnant still left in the catch can threads.

Front & Rear North Light Labs 3.0 Door Detents (Brand new, never installed) $150 shipped These are in perfect condition. No rust, brand new, never installed. Stored inside entire time. Sat up in the closet collecting dust.

Random LED Third Brake Light (LED, New, Smoked) $25 shipped

Oracel Gray Sticker/Vinyl. $40 shipped Was going to wrap my rear bumper but wasn't able to get to the project before trade-in time.

As I don't frequent the site as much, please give me a couple days or so to respond to PMs. I will typically ship within 1-2 days of payment. USPS shipped. PAYPAL pref.
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