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Looking for a sleek head unit for my 2012 F-150 with Sync 1 & Navigation

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Just bought a 2012 king ranch with the Ford Sync 1 system with navigation. It's got the 8" screen where all the climate info is shown on it. I figure that probably complicates an aftermarket head unit because I would need one that can still show all the climate info. When I put that I have that system in Crutchfield I noticed it significantly slimmed down my compatible options. If it was decent at all I'd just put up with it, but the Sync 1 system is just the worst lol. I'd like something that has Carplay (wired or wireless), looks sleek (not gaudy or cheap looking), and that's at least the size of the oem one. If anyone has experience with changing out this system I'd love to see what you did! Also just looking for recommendations from the experts here. Thanks!

Here's a pic of what I have in my truck just so it's clear.
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So I didn't have the same setup as you with the OEM touchscreen. My 2011 had all the buttons without a screen. But I installed an aftermarket HU with the Maestro interface and it works great with the factory sony system. It wasn't hard but it did take alittle trial and error and playing around. I would HIGHLY suggest programming out all the ford sync stuff when you program the maestro. I tried it with the sync and it was horrible. I ended up programming it without sync and I just use siri for everything. The only negitive to this is you can't use the OEM mic. I had to use the aftermarket MIC that comes with the radio.
You can setup a custom steering wheel controls so I have the stock sync button setup to activate siri. I love it.
Another cool example: My Alpine can display vehicle data from the OBD2 port. If I hold the steering wheel "OK" button it pulls up a screen with tons of info like Boost, EGT, AIT, ect.

Just make double sure the radio you'll looking at can do AC controls. Lots of radios will work with F150s and Maestro but not all of them will do the AC controls.
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