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Looking for a sleek head unit for my 2012 F-150 with Sync 1 & Navigation

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Just bought a 2012 king ranch with the Ford Sync 1 system with navigation. It's got the 8" screen where all the climate info is shown on it. I figure that probably complicates an aftermarket head unit because I would need one that can still show all the climate info. When I put that I have that system in Crutchfield I noticed it significantly slimmed down my compatible options. If it was decent at all I'd just put up with it, but the Sync 1 system is just the worst lol. I'd like something that has Carplay (wired or wireless), looks sleek (not gaudy or cheap looking), and that's at least the size of the oem one. If anyone has experience with changing out this system I'd love to see what you did! Also just looking for recommendations from the experts here. Thanks!

Here's a pic of what I have in my truck just so it's clear.
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You have to run their dash kit and their module. Works awesome after that. What I did in the Mrs 2012 Mustang. Retains steering wheel controls.
I know this you're feeding me an ad but that actually is pretty enticing. I'll check it out. I'd love to keep the stock look if I can get the functionality I want.
Ask him to see a working system in a 2011/2012 Sync system. I’m like 99% sure this isn’t possible unless they ad a standalone carplay unit.
Gotcha. I know I've heard of that maestro piece before I've just never understood what does what. I'm assuming the maestro takes in all the vehicle wiring for stuff like climate controls and other vehicle info and then plugs into the head unit? Does the head unit just detect the maestro is plugged in and somehow knows how to give the climate control and other vehicle info?
The maestro box is basically a programmable CAN communicator. When you remove your HVAC controls/screen. You lose the piece of the puzzle that communicates with your stock systems. It connects and talks on the CAN (Controller Area Network). It makes everything work together and be able to your head unit as AC/Heater controls.
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That sounds pretty

Thanks for sharing! Good to know it works well with the Sony system. I've never had a system that does the vehicle data on the screen so that will be cool to mess with. I can deal with an aftermarket mic if it means sync is gone. I've never tried a newer sync system, but these older versions are the worst. It's 50/50 whether it detects my phone lol.
Our 2012 Mustang with the Sync 1 system was the same way. Now the Pioneer unit always detects it. Works awesome.
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Nice! That's a clean looking install. I have a Sony XAV-AX5000 in the truck I'm coming from (2012 Nissan Frontier). As someone who constantly uses GPS, having Apple Maps on my dash through Carplay is essential. Thought about taking that unit and throwing it in the F150, but I want something at least as big as the 8" that's currently in there.
Good luck in your search. Let us know what you find. If you have any questions on programming the Maestro unit let me know.

If you purchase it from a local shop they should be able to program it for you otherwise you need a special programming tool.
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