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If anyone is interested, here is the equations for the CAC and Manifold pressure sensors for my 2014 in HP Tuners:


From working with the Bosch TMAP sensor in my Jeep(and upgrading from the stock 3Bar to a 4Bar and adjusting the tune) these sensors usually have an operational range of ~0.5V to ~4.65V. If you apply those numbers to the equations here you get:

(56.41*4.65V)-12.59 = 249.7 kPa or 2.5 Bar for the Manifold Sensor
(68.29*4.65V)-7.32 = 310 kPa or 3.1 Bar for the CAC(pre-throttle body) Sensor

Here are the published sensor curves for the Bosch sensors that fit my jeep(look similar to the F150 sensor):

Sensor Curve.PNG

The document that is from says the 2.5 and 3 Bar sensors both use Curve 1.

The stock 2.5 Bar sensor will read to 22 psi of BOOST(not MAP) and even a little bit higher than that since they actually read up to 4.85V. The 3 Bar will read to 29 psi or so.

The other issue is if you are using the standard SAE PID for Manifold Absolute Pressure or boost, it will only read up to 255 kpa of MAP or 22.785 psi of Boost. It is only allocated 256 bits of data so the PID has a range of 0-255 kPa. Even if you upgrade the sensor, you may not be able to monitor boost above that psi(the truck's PCM will though). Using the official Ford boost PID should let you see the sensors full range.
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