I had this on my truck for less than a week. Its louder than I’d like, so my loss can be your gain.

Purchased from stage 3. Here are the specs 15-20 F150 EcoBoost MBRP Installer Eco-Sleeper 3" Single-Exit Cat-Back 1518EcoSleeper-Installer

The mid pipe has been cut, this will install on 145” wheelbase trucks. You can source a replacement mid pipe if your wheelbase is longer than 145”.

all hardware included, brand new stainless tip (unused), instructions and the MBRP sticker is intact :)

$150 and I’ll split shipping 50/50 with the buyer.

Here's a video featuring the exact exhaust I'm selling, while it was installed on my truck. Note the truck has SPD catted downpipes and the black exhaust tip is not the one included in this sale.