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Hey everybody,

The pre-sale for this transmission cooler has ended. Thank you to everybody who ordered! Your orders should be shipping out soon if they haven't already.

Thanks again,

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That is interesting, I wonder if Ford completely phased out the rad-mounted trans cooler on all of their vehicles, so they just fitted them to early 17's with 10-speeds to clear out stock and switch tooling over to the new cooler style. The Raptor that we had in for testing was a 2018 model-year (not sure of the build date but I could probably get it), so that would be well into the cutoff for the under-mounted cooler.

We were actually surprised to hear that the Raptor had a radiator-mounted cooler too as nothing in our research showed it. I'd be willing to bet that some of the reason for keeping the rad-mounted cooler on the Raptor is partially customer perception and partially how they're building the rest of the cooling system. The Raptor is seen as the heavy-duty truck, so customers likely want to see that aux cooler. It also comes with the larger radiator, so it's possible Ford just hadn't developed a rad that works with the under-mounted cooler and can cool the 3.5L HO yet.

Or it's all just completely random based on build date, location and parts availability...:confused:

Either way, @gotboost150, this cooler should work for your truck since you do have the stock aux cooler already.

Thanks for sharing!

Installed on my 2017 3.5 , perfect fit.

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