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Move to Arizona?

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Hey arid-Zone guys....

I have some questions about moving to there lol. Ive had a **** year here in my home state of Colorado to say the least. Unrequested social problems (read:Guy on the couch) have made my life a living hell outside of woman trouble, job problems (Yay I got sexually harassed by my female boss and IT WASNT COOL), social anxiety, Suicidal thoughts etc. Yeah I said OUTSIDE of those things.

I have a unique opportunity to possibly buy a house in San Tan Valley...I know right, sounds kind of boring. I can get a smoking deal thankfully but the question of what to do when i get there arises. Id be looking for work as im currently unemployed and dont have a well defined career path although I am very qualified. I have reasons for wanting to live there. Cycling, theres lots of it. Wheeling, duh this is a truck forum. Shootin' ****, since Arizona has replaced Kentucky and Tennessee as the patron state of shootin' ****, im an NRA instructor, seems logical.

Anyone want to chime in on the pitfalls of the place, you know, outside the overbearing mormon presence? Thoughts? Questions, compliments, gripes or conveyances? Thanks all.
-Paul aka FreuderLocks
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you are a cowboy, clearly and have my respect. You know what im talking about when i say Hippie....
Strange thread today.

First, "dirty hippys"??
I resemble that remark! :)

I admit to being a hippy who bathes fairly often though.

As for the swipe at those with faith?
Now that one doesn't bother me nearly as much Cuz it's both expected and clearly has precedent.
"The World" never has wanted to submit, and never is going to. Kinda sad, but it's just the way it is.

Fortunately, LIFE can be immune to it all. ;)

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I was simply speaking from experience and narrating an event that directly involved me, if that is somehow taking a swipe at someone people have grown soft and....illiterate. Those who where offended chose to be so. I cant make anyone do anything, including feel something. Taking a swipe at my ritual suggesting I somehow needed a baptism to absolve myself of sins ive accumulated and the suggestion that I could live a life somehow bettered by a religion I see no purpose in was the swipe. I calls em like I sees em'. A swipe would have been insinuating that somehow my point of view was superior to another persons, all I offered was perspective. The suggestion that I make an effort to find someone else's god is an insult with the direct inference that I adhere to some sub-servile denomination that needs a proverbial leg up. That, is an insult although I choose not to be offended as that would lend the upper hand to anyone who may choose to adopt that line of thinking. Thank the Satan inside me that I didnt choose a Chevy lol. A party who looked past his feelings and took it as a life experience might see some humor in the situation. Probably the only satanist in Ogden happened to be the docent and a museum and called me out, it was funny, I laughed, he laughed, we all had a good time.<--humor in an unlikely scenario....no? I feel like im asking too much at this point. Look at anyones personal beliefs and its easy to see some sort of moral/social/whatever failing.

Have a nice day.

Sorry Gearhead, not sure why the quote didnt attach.

As far as not sharing my troubles with others, it was directly related to why im moving and no specifics where given. I could elaborate but my psychosis (yes really) wouldnt really permit me to give a fair explanation at this point.
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you are a cowboy, clearly and have my respect. You know what im talking about when i say Hippie....
Like this ehh?-lol

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To address the moving question, I have lived in Tennessee my whole life. It is geographically diverse from the flat rural farmland along the Mississippi River in West TN (my stomping grounds) to the mountain ranges of East TN. There is no state income tax either which is pretty nice. Have no fear that your 2nd amendment will ever be questioned. To put it into perspective, as of 2014 any citizen can legally carry a loaded handgun or long gun in his or her vehicle without any permits. Property and land is also reasonably priced. Good luck on the search for your new home!

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The hat is cover for living in Texas.
I'm a hippie in disguise. :)

As for climate and living....... I do Colorado summers and Texas the other 9 months.

Highly recommend it if it's possible. (reverse snowbird kinda thing)

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I obviously like the baby dedication. Congrats and God bless your family.

The other cool thing about eastern TN and the other states in the area is there is a lot to do for an outdoor type person. Hiking, biking, mountain climbing, white water rafting, ATV trails, and the list just goes on and on.
Yay! Found a place in Tucson, I'm moving tomorrow! Anyone know any bdx tuners in the area? Stage 3 is about two hours away but I'm looking for Dyno tuning. Thanks!

No real ecoboost tuners in AZ, I would suggest a remote dyno tune.
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