Switched things up a bit, so I have the following for sale:

MTI single 10" behind-seat sub box, loaded with JL 10TW3-D4 (configured as 2 ohm load).
MTI 'shorty' amp rack.

These two items are maybe a year old, adult owned, never abused, and in fantastic shape. Rack has of course been drilled, but is totally reusable. They are designed to fit together, and do so surgically...see pics. I still have the box that the enclosure came in, if shipping is necessary. This is $820 today from MTI, plus $60 shipping. I'm asking $650, plus actual shipping cost...or you are welcome to pick up in central NC. Box and rack come as a package only.

I also have a Kicker Key 5001 that powered this (~350W @ 2 ohms...right in the sweet spot for the driver, per JL). Equally fantastic shape. $250. I'll sell box/rack without the amp, but not the amp without the rest.

Unless you want a Key 2004 as well. $450 for the pair of amps...again, as a pair only. Tiniest scratch on this one. Both amps include all OEM packaging, pigtails, and mic.