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2015 F150 with 70k miles. No issues until the last few weeks.

1st thing: Insert SD Nav Card popping up. Do I need a new card maybe?

#2: Washer fluid pump stopped working. Could it be a fuse or did pump go out?
Wipers work fine, can’t hear the pump at all when I try to run it though


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I have virtually the same truck...

The nav issue is the socket itself. Meaning the SD card slot where the card itself goes.

You can order a replacement or pull it out and if you are handy with a soldering iron, repair the damaged connections. The hardest part is getting it out as you have to remove a lot of plastic, depending on your trim level, although I would expect it to be Lariat and above with nav.

Unfortunately it happens when the card is pushed too far in.

For the washer pump, start simple and check the fuses. Off hand I do not recall the number but it is under your hood on passenger side in that fuse box. If fuse is good, disconnect the connecter going to the pump and put a meter or test light on it while someone else engages the "washer fluid."

If you have solid voltage, take your meter and put it on continuity, then check the motor itself. It should show anywhere from 10-100 ohms if it is good, if it shows nothing, it has likely ate it. I would suggest checking to see if it is shorted, but its a plastic body and aside from tearing it apart it is difficult to really diagnose.

Therefore if fuse is good, power is getting to the pigtail, replace motor.
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