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I'll try to make a long story short, kinda LOL. I purchased a 'remote access kit' remote starter online to work with my iPhone. Went to the dealer to have it activated (2/20/14). The tech was able to activate the remote start in the menu options with the IDS in a matter of 10 minutes. Then we go ever to the computer to log onto the PTS website. By the way I have the complete install & activation instruction that I printed, and he is following it. He gets all the way to the electrical section and clicks on REMOTE ACCESS tab to enter my info and activate my SIM card for the cellular module. The computer keeps coming back with an error saying to check the cookies on the computer. So he tries several times and same result. He even tried a different computer station. He tells me he will have to check with his computer guy in the morning and to come back (today 2/22/14) to finish it up. I go this morning and he comes over to me with a printout from another tech saying that the REMOTE ACCESS page is not responding and is a new option that hasn't been installed yet. I tell him people have had these in their trucks since sometime early last year when they came out. He says he will keep trying and call me back. I believe they are having an issue with the computers on their end and he thinks it's too new a system to activate??

If a Ford tech on here has knowledge of this and can help me get the PTS part of the activation working or tell me what they are doing wrong please get back to me. I'm kinda frustrated that i've spent almost $400 dollars for the system and it's just plugged into my truck doing nothing. I think that if someone on here has access to the PTS site I can give you my info and it can be done anywhere, it's not part of the IDS that has to be connected to my truck. If someone can do this for me I could always PayPal some money to you for your time?? PLEASE ANY HELP. Thanks, Todd.

My email: [email protected]

2013 Ecoboost XLT 4x4
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