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Hi all, just joined the site. I've been lurking for a few months since I bought my new toy. I got the white platinum 4X4 crewcab 5.5 bed. Its pretty much loaded with everything but max tow which I didn't want. I must say this is the most incredible Ford vehicle I've ever owned and I have had over 20 new ones lol!! The smooth quiet effortless power of this engine blows me away. My last F150 was a loaded 05 Lariat 5.4 and this truck puts it too shame. I've got about 5700 miles on it now and mileage is improving greatly. I average 15.5- 16.0 in town and have gotten 21 mpg on a Hill country road trip....very happy with that! I look forward to sharing info here and just enjoying the site. :cool:
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