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The trick to good mpg is staying out of the boost as much as possible. Get up to speed quickly and then drive like you have an egg between your boot and the pedal. Coast as much as possible when approaching a stop or slow down. While on the hwy keep it under 70mph and use cruise control as often as possible. Keep your tires aired up to the max PSI on the sticker inside your drivers door. As Ak-Kingboost said cold weather hurts the mpg especially the first 10 minutes or so of driving from a cold start. Also we tend to let our trucks idle longer in colder temps to warm up the truck. Any time you are idling you are getting 0mpg and that hurts overall economy. I consistanty get over 20mpg on the highway and 16-18 in the city. Towing I have done as good as 14, and in strong head wind as low as 6. I have found that for me the biggest gain in mpg came with staying under 70.

As far as the trailer connect/disconnect I would first clean the 7 pin connector on bot the truck and trailer. Dirty or corroded connectors is most likely the problem. If that doesnt fix the problem I would assume a bad connector or plug on your trailer.

Let us know what you find out!

Once you retrain yourself to get the best mpg on this truck I think you will have a new found appreciation for your EcoBeast.

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