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As you may know, towing regulations can be as clear as mud. Especially when you get different answers from different sources.

I finally got around to spending an 1.5 hours at the license plate agency today. While getting my new tags, I told the employee that I did not tow anything at the moment, but have read that with basic tags I can weigh (truck and trailer) up to 9,000lb for personal use (assume for this conversation that everything is for personal use). Of course, they said that was incorrect and that your tags have to represent the total weight (which makes complete sense to me as well). Any ideas?

My source of info:

Highway Patrol Holds First-Ever Public Forum on Trailering Boats - North Carolina Sportsman

It was written in 2008 but I believe it to still be up to date.

I have also read the NC State statues, and by "read" I mean skimmed until all the lines blurred together because of the lawyer lingo.

I know I will get 100 different answers from 100 different people. but lets open that can of worms anyway.
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