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Bought a used 2011 in May of 2015, everything running great until we were headed back to Wisconsin from a trip to Mississippi in March of 2016 after a big storm, close tornado. At one of the gas stops it wouldn't start after filling. It would turn over but wouldn't fire or catch. Finally found that cranking with WOT would start after a little. It would then run a little un-even and then smooth out. It didn't happen every time, but I am trying to remember and gather info when it does happen. Here are the parts that I think are consistent when it happens. All gauges showing normal readings during the drive and pulling into the gas station.

Long stretch using 3/4+ tank of gas of highway speed (60-80) driving.
Towing a trailer (one instance the trailer was an open utility trailer and mostly empty.)
Decent bed loading, volume not weight.

gas station fill -> hwy -> gas station fill and failure to start.

After getting it started and then going to restaurant and parking it, then it starts fine. Or if we are just getting back on the Highway everything runs fine while moving.

The first time there was a lot of checking of things, fuel came out of the line, checked fuses, pulled battery to reset, finally some starting fluid to help it fire with WOT.
Each time it has failed to start since the first when this has happened I was able to then start it with WOT and continue on with the trip.
Trips that aren't long hauls seem to work fine, and even some long haul ones there are no issues. Happened only once on a trip from Wisconsin to the far side of South Dakota and back in May.

Local place I purchased it from doesn't have any ideas, and Dealership in South Dakota that looked at it cleaned the MAP sensors and recommended a PCV replacement as a possibility, but didn't have one on hand.

Next oil change after that trip(100k, now at 103k) all plugs were changed and PCV was replaced.

Went to Indiana last week and it happened again on the way down. On the way home, to test, we stopped for food before getting gas and didn't have any problems.

Is this something a Catch-Can may help with?

Any other ideas?
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