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I actually use improved racing for our oil cooler parts. I’d see about going direct to them, and our pricing is in line with pricing you see on their website. Definitely stick to -10 and keep the remote mount as low as possible but not too low it will get hit.
Your advice is spot on. Thanks for confirming -10 AN fittings.

I'm working a filter relocation with a pre-lube/post-lube for my 2019 F-150 3.5L EB. I will be feeding a dual oil filter from/to the existing oil filter location. To keep lines short, I plan on mounting the dual filter on the front side of the main frame cross-over member that is a bit behind the radiator.

I use this truck to pull a 6,000 trailer during the summers covering 12,000 miles, mostly out west in the mountains or high speed interstate. Then my rig sits until Christmas, when I put about 1,000 miles on it. Then it sits to mid May until the summer trip starts again. Each stop usually is high up on a mountain fire road.

My goal is to improve filtration but mostly to address dry starts (Pre Lube) and turbo cool down (Post Lube). I will tap the aluminum pan and plumb in a Marco brass gear pump mounted on the front side of the front cross over frame member. From the pump through a check valve to a "T" ahead of the double filter unit. Engine oil then goes through both filters and back the former engine oil filter location via the adapter.

I WAS looking at the Derale adapter plate and double filter unit. From above, it sounds like Setrab, Hamburger and Improved Racing would be better choices. I love the Hamburger stuff, but only "If I Were A Rich Man" could I afford it. :)

Any suggestions thoughts, suggestions, or warnings be very much be appreciated.

Thank you Geronimo John
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