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On to the next idea...

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While I have some hard parts to finish, I also like to work on things in the digital space, primarily in CAD. After installing my S&B, I remember someone mentioning that they simply remove the fender snorkel to free up slightly more air, and while I'm sure that works great it can be improved upon...

I could see this retaining the benefits of cold air access while maximizing the available air like removing the snorkel would. Its a blank at the moment but I tend to finalize a profile before finishing the rest of the part. The front facing snorkel on my personal truck negates the need for this but I will still test fit it like I do everything I design and print.
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I pondered on this idea as well. But ended up modifying the deflector to sit flush against the airbox.

My contacts at FP informed me the snorkel is strictly for NVH. Stock power it is no hinderance, but much higher flow may pose a restriction. That is why it’s removed in their control pack kit for the 3.5. The airbox without the snorkel provides more flow than the 15+ setup. Simply because of the larger opening.
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That will be interesting.
After a long time of thinking about it I just DL fusion 360 yesterday and started watching some tutorials.
I plan on just playing around with it and learning how it works.
I'm hope it comes in handy with my wood working projects.
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Im lucky and have Solidworks through work. I want a 3D printer big time though. I could use it for so many dumb little things. Like the other day after chopping the running boards off my Lexus GX I wanted to remount the puddle lights and could have made a nice set of mounts that attach to the frame instead of using some random spacers and bolts from the hardware store.
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