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Today, I opted to have my local dealership, Covert Ford, Austin, TX., do my routine oil change. I have a plan for routine maintenance given to me when I bought the truck, so I've been taking the truck to them every 6 months for oil change and general inspection, fluid top offs, new wiper blades, State Inspection if it was due, etc. This time, however, I decided to try their mobile service, where they bring a van fully equipped to do these things to the house.

The Technician arrived on time, went over what I was asking to be done (oil change only this time) and he even took time to let me take a long look into his $250,000 mobile shop van. He explained all of the pumps and equipment he carries for servicing. Very cool inside, very cool!

Next, he told me he wanted to turn my truck around to be close to the back of the van to ensure all hose would reach and started doing his work. I was watching him via security cameras as he worked underneath my truck and saw he was removing my RCI skid plate. He then came to the door with some hardware in hand.

I thought - uh oh. Here we go...

But to my pleasant surprise, he said he wanted to remove the plate to ensure a clean oil change and to make sure nothing would drip on the driveway (even though he is using drop cloths) and he was also bringing me the skid plate clips and bolts to show me that the last time, someone looked to have used an impact and stripped the bolts as well as cracked the clip-nut combo.

To his surprise, I said "Yep. That happened at my last oil change at the dealership. But I have a full set of replacement hardware from RCI." He immediately offered to replace all of the hardware on the engine plate rear section and for the transmission plate! I was so thrilled. He is working on that now.

@snakebitten - there is hope!

I am trying to put this technician on retainer now. Ha Ha! He said I just need to keep using the remote service and he will be the one to work on my truck.

Here are a couple of shots of the van backed up to the truck:

Wheel Tire Land vehicle Plant Vehicle

Wheel Tire Car Land vehicle Plant
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