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Oh yea, this would definitely come with a learning curve. This ain't the 95 4Runner I rebuilt in high school lol. Junkyard/salvage finds is what I was thinking would be an easier option too. I'll have to research the differences over the years and find what years would work. Thanks for your advice and warm welcome!

I know right? I kinda want to see how far I can push it.

Yes, all work done at his local Ford dealer, he definitely took care of it, body and interior are in good shape too but the cab corners started rusting. He's the original owner, about 70% of the miles are highway towing though. He's selling because he's unsure how much longer it'll last and uses it for work so he doesn't want to chance having to buy a new truck and get whatever's available, he ordered a nice 2022 model that was just delivered. Other than that though, it's never let him down. I am trying to get more records from him, seeing what's all been done to it. I mean at that price it's a steal, wrecked and blown F150s are going for the same or more and this one is fully functioning. If I got this, I'd have $4-6k to play with getting work done on it.
I personally feel that 70% highway towing and 5k miles oil changes are the best possible scenario. These engines like to be hot to help burn off gasoline and contaminants in the oil.

If you look around, you will notice that most of the very high mileage Ecoboosts that had minimal issues are the ones that got worked regularly. The people who short trip them and don't work them are the ones that run into trouble it seems like.
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