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I need to start a thread of my current build, it's a 2014 Limited.
I will update with pictures and dyno sheet once everything arrives and gets installed. Should be a fuuuuuun time!! ;)
I had my truck Dyno tuned by LET a few weeks ago and achieved 358WHP and 460WTQ tune only, My goal is to get close too 450WHP and 550WTQ, we shall see how close we get with the listed mods. Dyno sheet below. Hoping to see 12's

So far I have a few things to install,

AFE Intercooler Installed
AFE bladerruner hot side charge pipes Installed
AFE bladerruner cool side charge pipe Installed
Methanol Installed
Solo catted downpipes Installed
Corsa cat-back Installed
Vibrant 3'' 304 SS Ultra quiet resonator Installed
Reische 170 T-stat Installed
Full-race Freakoboost intake Installed
Roush mechanical Gauge Installed
LET upgraded fuel pump Installed
58 MM Turbos Installed
BBK 73MM TB Installed

Hellwig rear sway bar - Installed
Hellwig front sway bar Installed
Bilstein 5100 rear shocks Installed

Philips xtreme vision D3S 4800K Installed
Spyder LED tail lights Installed
Spyder LED third brake light Installed
Full interior and exterior LED Installed
Morimoto XB LED fogs Installed
V-LED V3 switchbacks

Stock Sony, upgraded door speakers too Focal IC570 all around Installed
Alpine 10.2'' flip down DVD player Installed
Kicker SoundStage Installed

Undercover SE Installed
Bedrug Installed
DO 6 gallong meth tank Installed

4MM security tint Installed
Blackvue DR650GW-2CH Dash cam Installed
1911 .45 with hollow points


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I will be updating this second post as parts come in :)

Hellwig is here and it's a BEAST!

Intercooler is in!

Hot side pipes are in.

BBK TB just arrived!

Corsa cat-back just came in.. it's purty! I didn't know the muffler was.. well, look at the inside of the muffler, picture below.


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The 3rd post will be used for installed parts.

Hellwig is on.. what a PAIN!

AFE hot side pipes are on.. What a pain in the @$$!
But very nice to work on a nice cool engine :)

And AFE Intercooler installed.. another pain in the @$$! I advice two sets of hands.

BBK installed.

Solo catted DP installed..

Corsa cat-back installed..


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You should change your build thread tittle to "El Tamborazo Express" ;D
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That is somewhat low for a truck with custom tune, CAC and offroad downpipes. :confused:
That does seem very low. Maybe Ryan's Performance is a start up and just provides safe tunes. Never heard of them.

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There are 2 types of dyno s
Google and it will show the difference
Once I get traction bars we will go to track and run some 1/4 s. It should be in low 12s


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He'd be at or near 400 on a dynojet.
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