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I spent good money with another tuner that comes recommended here and had over a week response time and then once communication was established, told that it would be an additional week and a half before I received the services I paid for. I was pretty upset because it ended up changing the plans I had made after spending a considerable amount for a few tunes.

I had went with BCB for my first time getting into ecoboosts and they had terrible turnaround times, poor response time and when I did get a response it was like I was a burden.

Went to Gearhead tuning for some stuff and communication and response times were great but they refused to revise a tune after a datalog.

I’m with MPT now and as busy as they are, I still get informative replies within a day, revisions within a day and honestly, the truck has never felt as good as it does now. They perfected the shift strategies and the way the truck runs on ethanol is a huge improvement from tunes on 93. Mike has been extremely helpful when it came down to go over datalogs. He’s helped me chase a boost leak and a fuel pressure issue.

I feel some of these companies offering tune services should be held accountable for having poor customer services. The masses spends good money and I know several people with bad experiences but they just say oh well, and go to another tuner. I’ve started leaving reviews in hopes people will do some research before spending the money.
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