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Rattling/Ticking Noise on Acceleration/Deceleration

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Hello everyone, I have a 2013 F150 Lariat SuperCrew with a 3.5 EcoBoost, RWD with 148500 miles. Asss month or two ago I had the timing chain replaced as well as my passenger side turbo. Since then, I have had this obnoxious rattle/tick whenever I accelerate or decelerate accompanied by almost a power steering time whine (this truck has electronic power steering so I know its not that). Truck has tons of power like it always has and gas mileage is pretty typical around 16. I checked the turbo waste gates and they seem to not have any play in them and the only leak I see of oil is from my vacuum pump on the back passenger side of the engine. It almost sounds vacuum or exhaust related but again, not sure. It does make the sound when I rev it in park, sounds normal. This noise is driving me insane and I really need to figure it out. Hopefully I can take it in to the dealership and have them look at it soon but I wanted to reach out first and get y'alls thoughts. I will try and take a video of it today and post it back to this thread in hopes to better diagnose the problem.

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That timing chain job is so invasive and requires considerable disassembly of the engine components. It seems way too common for the procedure itself to introduce new issues related or unrelated to the VVT components themselves.

You're in luck if it makes the noise in neutral because with someone else sitting in the truck you can open the hood and patiently zero in on the source of the noise. You might arm yourself with a good automotive stethoscope of some kind?
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