I was having issues with my 1st gen truck and decided to buy a 2nd gen. the exhaust is off the new truck.
I believe the Borla exhaust is a touring but it may be an S type. not sure

2015-2020 Borla dual exhaust kit ------used not sure how long it has been on the truck $500 Price reduced ------$375

2015-2023 CVFAb Titan V2 intercooler----bought in 11/2022 put less than 1,000 miles on it. $500--------sold

2015-2023 CVFAB Dual filter intake----------bought in 09/2022 Less than 1,500 miles on it $150-------sold

2015-2016 AMS Turbo inlet pipes------------bought and installed same time as intake $150-------sold

I would prefer to sell the intake and inlet pipes together but depending on what else you buy that is up for discussion.