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Any of you guys running rigid industries lights on your trucks? We are getting ready to install some Duallys on our 2011 project truck. Just wanted to see where you guys have mounted them. We went to rigid (They are in AZ like us) the other day and that place will make you want to spend a couple thousand buck on lighting. They have some new flush mount lights that i could see running as back up lights. Here is a pick of a guys F150 from rigid. I think we are going to run our Dually wide lights as fog lights in the lower grille opening.


And speaking of rigid, our raptor has one of their products....


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It looks sharp on the flush mounted. I am currently working on a brack for behind my grill so I can pretty much fill most (not all of it) of the opening with hidden Rigid light bars. I really like the flush mounted LED lights for the rear and that would be something I would go with when its time to address the rear lighting.
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