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The closed deck gen1 short blocks are now $5795.00 shipped with compastar H beams and our custom 5 axis crown and under crown milled pistons. Pistons use a perfect skirt coating.

Our compstar Rods are actually the same rod as many other companies and are manufactured by the plant for such companies as Molnar. However this means nothing when you look closer as comp star rods are roughed only!!! USA or North America is where the finish and QC is important and in critical areas.

A lot of manufacturers have rods made on the Same line, but here is where as a consumer be very careful. Very.

As an example compstar h beams are finished and heat treated in the USA, where many of the same rods that are finished in the sale line as many rod companies and are only usually branded by their name and any processes added or removed like finish machining, or the imperative heat treat. Some name brands I know, we see manley H beams, molnar, scat eagle which are the worst rod on the planet to name a few and these are all brands which have them 100% finished in the chinesium plants. Gross

Not terrible, but the thing that worries the heck out of me is the lack of heat treat QC, procedures, and infrastructure when it comes to heat treat.

Further, we offer these rods rated at no more than 1000 RWHP and know where the mill and heat treat reports are if we should ever need to look one up. Don’t be by into the same is the same, or their more money so their better. The truth is, MANY rods particularly H Beams are 100% made finished and processed in China. Again China has some incredible manufacturing, but heat treat is where rubber meets the road. Finished rods heat treated in the United stars or North America will have a greater success rate and fail less. Fact

This month-

$5795.00 shipped closed css deck short blocks all month. Assembled machined, the Works, and freight included!.

I’ve gone mad, this is cheap, and 10, that’s only 19 in stock. Ship in 1-2 business days after crating.

As always dealers WD +5 or more, email for price list and sale does NOT apply

Further we will have a industry leading warranty starting in July. That’s right we give you shop, it breaks you being back to shop it’s fixed and it replaced unless you modify it, run meth, nitrous, or are a really horrible human.

These will last 14 days maybe 15


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