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You folks have probably seen some of our other videos where we're rocking RTTs on our trucks and their bed racks, but we haven't done an in-depth review of an RTT yet. That changes now with our review video of a Freespirit 55" High Country Edition Roof-Top Tent, which is now up on our YouTube Channel. We're running this tent on our 2019 Ranger Build on top of an RCI 12" Universal Bed Rack, which also fits F150s.

I don't have a ton to add on top of what Noah says. This is a very nice tent, though you do pay a pretty penny for it. It folds out extremely easily, and it's made of some nice materials that do well on both climate extremes. Noah mentioned the tent possibly fitting two adults, but I think that's still pretty optimistic. Maybe two Noahs, because he's a skinny bastard, but its rated "2-3 people" is extremely generous. If you're like me and have the wife, 6-year old, and 60lb Husky that you need to fit in there, you probably should consider the 63" version of the tent.

I think his concerns about the windows not having awnings are a little overstated, but to each his own.

Direct link link to video.
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