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As far as I can tell, Ford only offers 4 different sizes of wheel/tire combo's on all Supercrew 4x4's (and the Limited & Platinum 2wd models). I decided to compare them all since I've been looking into plus size tires and the affect it will have on my Speedometer/Odometer/MPG computer.

Not surprisingly, of the 4 tire/wheel sizes they offer on the Supercrew models I listed above, the diameter and rev's per mile are very very similar (varying from 0.44% to 1.48% at most). I have also heard that the dealerships can only recalibrate your computer to accept one of these stock configurations, and that no aftermarket tuner settings will actually bite. This has discouraged me from putting anything much bigger on the truck. I am considering going with a slightly larger 275/60/20 which will be ~3.2% faster than the closest stock calibration I will be able to get for the 275/55/20. Hmmmmmmmmm. ???

Sorry for the poor quality of the screen capture, but from left to right the tire sizes are: 265/70/17 - 275/65/18 - 275/55/20 - 275/45/22



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