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Guys I made a boo-boo....When ordering my lights I ordered the smoked lenses for the front but ordered the clear for the rear. So if anyone orders these taillights (Price is the same for all tails)

Xtralights?Headlights, Tail Lights, HID Conversion Kits, LED Bulbs, Xenon Bulbs - Search

and you defiantly want the clear ones and you want to work a deal with me I will pull my clears off and send them too you plus $20 and pay for shipping of both lights to and from. Unless you make it easy and order from vendor and ship to me, I will then pull mine off box them up and send them to you with a crisp $20 bill for the hook up. I know this is a shot in the dark but I can tell you that I am a stand up guy 20 yrs US Army and I have integrity and I do what I say.

although no one else notices backs clear and front isnt...I know and its buggin the **** out of me...lol
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