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Alright so I went to the track finally. Didn't do as well as planned. Altitude certainly makes a big difference. I was at about 6000' I think, maybe a bit higher cuz it was in the foothills

I think temperature played a big role as well because my times kept getting better as it cooled down.

When it was pushing 100° I ran a 15.5
When it dropped to 95° I ran a 15.3

I did a few runs between 15.2 and 15.5 then let my truck cool off.

My last run was against a brand new Camaro. He beat me off the line but I beat him in the 1/4 by .2 seconds. Pretty proud of myself. He had a v8 too. I ran a 15 flat right there.

I had the fastest ecoboost there (only 3 that I saw) and second fastest truck overall (I don't consider lowered Ford lightnings to be trucks).

With it pushing 100° the whole time I was there, I don't think I did bad. I will go back when it is colder and run mid 14s
I honestly don't think it was the altitude. I think it was the heat. Turbos do better at altitude. Your numbers look pretty good and nice win against the camaro.

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