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Tap talk issues

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Tap talk poo now.
Anyone else having this issue with Tapatalk? It’s funny I used to hate the app but now I really can’t stand using the desktop on my cell phone.
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Gave it up reluctantly. But now have the browser based workflow down. It's all about the "New" button!
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When I first got frustrated with the various issues that started to deteriorate the Tapatalk experience, I didn't understand what mobile browser "workflow" would best suit me. It was just so foreign to my muscle memory.

Now the mobile browser has become second nature and extremely simple to explain:

Keep in mind that this is a description based on the "Brave" mobile browser.

1. Ecoboost.net is dedicated to a browser tab so it is always logged into.
2. When I go to the Ecoboost.net tab I don't do anything except tap the "New" button at the top of the page.

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3. I view the list of threads KNOWING they are the threads that have content added since I last read them. This is exactly how I used Tapatalk for "unread"

4. I then click the thread I'm first interested in. This is only the SECOND "tap". And exactly like Tapatalk, I am taken to the first unread post. Thank goodness, because if that feature wasn't replicated in the browser as it is in Tapatalk, it would be a deal killer.

5. When I'm done with the thread I do nothing except tap the same New button again! At that point the list is there again but the previous thread is no longer in the list.

I have only tapped 3 times since I've opened the site and I have consumed a thread and ready for the next one. Incredibly efficient!

I personally believe Tapatalk had a huge influence over the years on the forum software development industry, and ironically helped them match the efficiency of workflow.
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