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Texas Meet Up 2023 - anyone interested?

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Who's interested in a meet up for Texas folks?
Say March 25th, or April 22nd?
Place - TBD - anyone interested and know of a cool place to meet, throw the idea out there.
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I could be conv
Me too? A bit longer drive (if timing is right), but heck I'll bring some bratwurst to grill! KM
Yes, even you! :cool:
Road trippers welcome, now it comes down to making it interesting enough to make the trip.
Also a trip in July may melt some of our cool weather friends. Hmmmm, outside stuff with an air conditioned escape.
Guess if I could rationalize a long road trip to
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vist Midland, I could justify another! KM
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Glen Rose
Hey @NoTraxx - with Dino Valley State Park outside Glen Rose, would you think that’s a good place for a Texas meet up? Some good camping / RV place nearby?
Why yes there is. Camping, RVs, Cabins, B&Bs. Lots of stuff to do and see if youre into outdoors/dinosaur/animal stuff.
One of the reasons we head down there is food as well. BBQ Tex Mex, Mex.
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OK - let's train our focus on a meet up in Glen Rose. The location makes it a good family is included meet up spot.
I guess we need to determine a couple of candidate weekends, then find out about reserving spaces.

So - what's a couple of good weekends in the near future, avoiding holidays?
If it wasn’t in April, and you kept it in the dallas-to-NE quadrant, i’d make the trip from AR… my vote would be a state park

edit: glen rose checks the first box! (Barely 🤣)
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I am heading back to sea on April 15th. So near future is out for me.
If youre looking to stay at the state park, there is an app for that. But here is the link to reservations.
I personally have only stayed at Country Woods Inn.
But a search for RV parks and Cabins comes up with a good bit.
If youre interested in Fossil Rim Wildlife Park they have some accommodations as well. Just checked and the accommodations are in renovation. But the drive through safari is still on. We have been several times with the kids and grandkids.
For a country Biker vibe, Loco Coyote, Welcome to Loco Coyote Grill

Mexican I prefer Los Primos, Los Primos – Mexican Restaurant & Cantina
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