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I believe you can replace / upgrade the existing camera. I’ve seen some other forum’s threads where this has been done. Those kinda focused on adding cameras to systems without a camera.
That said, there are places online that sell vehicle specific camera kits that you may want to search for. I bought my kit from Camera Source.
Just waiting to find time to do the install.
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I honestly don't know what the result would be to just install a different camera. It'd be interesting. Sure seems like a better camera could improve the image

But the 12" screen and the IPMA module on the new trucks isn't something you could just add and both are necessary for the multiple views and the cameras-at-speed.

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I added the CameraSource kit to my truck today!
New front grill emblem camera, two side cameras under the mirrors, 1400’ of cables behind the 8” Sync screen.
Edit - no disassembly of the mirrors was needed. Just take them off, pop off the camera trim plate, drill a hole in the plate, and route the camera cable through.

It works. I’ll be adjusting the mirror camera angles tomorrow and will provide more details on install and functionality after that. Until then, here are a couple of pictures:

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Here's my summary of the CameraSource Front and 2 side cameras kit and installation.
Overall - very good kit.
Pros - They are extremely generous with the lengths of wire provided. The kit came with 2 little hole saws to drill the side camera mounting holes. The kit came with a little plug for the from emblem with camera - the plug fills to hole where I quess a camera lens washer could go. Lots of tie wraps and quick connectors for the final wiring to the ground and power.
Cons - the instructions, while well written, should be changed to have you leave side mirror camera connector (splice) up by the A-pillar mirror triangle cover. There are tons of wire length, so having the splice under the trim cover will facilitate disconnecting the camera wires if you ever have to remove the mirror.

Basic steps;
  1. remove center trim and the 8" display
  2. Remove the large wire harness and add in the kit's wiring harness.
  3. Remove front grill and replace with the included emblem with camera.
  4. Be sure to use the front camera washer hole plug now. Glue it in.
  5. Replace grill with new front camera
  6. Bundel front camera wiring near the Air Intake snorkel. Use this location to connect the splice so that it is there if you want to remove the grill later.
  7. Run wiring loom along driver's side fenders and through the hood latch grommet in the firewall (by driver's left foot).
  8. Pull front camera wiring from firewall, under steering column, up to the back of the 8" display.
    1. Bundle front camera video wire behind 8" display
    2. Route from camera electrical wires to behind the glove box. Bundle front camera wires back here.
  9. Remove passenger and driver mirrors.
  10. Pop out the underside rectangular trim panel from each mirror and drill a 3" hole using supplied hole saw. Test fit the side camera, redrill as needed to get camera to fit snug.
  11. Remove the foam from the base of mirror
  12. Route camera wire through the foam and out through the existing mirror hardness connector hole.
  13. Repeat for the other mirror.
  14. Remount the mirror and bundle the wires right up by the existing mirror connector.
  15. Remove door trim panel and speaker
  16. Now it gets fun!
  17. Pull side camera wire.
    1. I starter the Passenger side behind the glove box, and then behind the door weatherstripping at the height of the gray rubber "snorkel" that protects the door wires going from cab to door panel.
    2. Pull wires down through the gray rubber snorkel grommet on the door side. Reach in the empty speaker hole to help pull the wires through. Pull wires up and out the large hole located around 10:00 if you think of the speaker hole as a clock face. Pull wires up to the a-pillar triangle and connect to the camera leads bundled up in that spot.
    3. Bundle the remaining 7 miles of passenger side camera wiring behind the glove box. But pull the video lead for the side camera up to behind the 8" display.
    4. Driver's side is similar except bundle the video wires behind the 8" display and pull the electrical wires to behind the glove box, then bundle them up in that location.
  18. Reinstall the speaker and door panel on both sides.
  19. You now have the three camera's video leads behind the 8' display and can connect those to the appropriate connector. Oh! I tagged the right-side wires with red tape and left side with blue tape so I would know where to connect them.
  20. I used the 12V "cigarette lighter" as my power and ground. I sliced onto each wire another length of wire, and ran those to behind the glove box.
  21. Connect electrical wires to the Rostra switch. Follow the Install sheet instructions.

Once all was connected, I then started the truck. You turn on the front camera with a 7 second press and hold of the volume / power button on the radio. Tap the button again to cycle to the rear camera. The side cameras are activated by press and hold the radio preset #6 button for 12 seconds. Once activated, the come on automatically when you use the turn signal. The from camera comes on automatically for about 8 seconds when you shift from reverse to drive. You can pull up and view the front camera anytime with the long 7 second press of the volume / power button. Short taps cycles trough all 4 cameras. Turn off with another 7-second-long press of the volume / power button.

Photos in the next post!

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I revised the side mirror camera mounts today, using a small cone shaped mount to allow the camera to aim directly backwards vs downwards. Here are photos of the side cameras and the 4 camera views (new front, new left and right mirrors and old rear).

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Those cones actually came with the side cameras. I did not use them as the instructions specifically said not to. After not getting enough adjustment I decided to pull the cameras and remount with the cones. It required ordering two new trim plates for the mirrors, hence the delay in getting this done.
I’ve sent my feedback to CameraSource to update their instructions.

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Here is my 3-week update: I am liking these new cameras. The front camera is very, very clear, sharp and bright. It helps when pulling nose into a space to avoid the bump-and-feel method of parking. It is easy to press and hold the radio power button for 7 seconds to activate the front camera. It will stay on the front camera view until you turn it off or go into another gear. I have also gotten used to, when stationary but wanting to see the front camera view, popping the truck into R, then D and the front camera will come on, but only for a few seconds.
The side cameras are on whenever the turn signals are on. This helps a ton when changing lanes - blind spots eliminated - or when stopped and ready to turn, you can see the bicyclists who feel the rules of the road only apply to you and they are now in the blind spot.
I did call CameraSource and the harness builder asking if there is a way to activate the side cameras with the 7 second radio power button method. I thought it might be nice to turn the side cams on without having the turn signal on. Turns out you can do this, with a small modification.
1. Add an RCA splitter to the left or right camera feed behind the dash, plugging the new free end into the open "video" feed of the harness.
2. Press the left-most left arrow on the steering wheel for 12 seconds.
This turns on the system to accept a third camera feed. If you activate the front camera with the 7 second press, it will now let you toggle not just front to rear camera, but also front to rear to side camera.
I'm not going to do this (yet) but am happy to have learned it can be done.

Summary - great front and side cameras. Easy to turn on the front when needed. Side cameras are on when the turn signal is on for that side. You can add an RCA splitter and get one of the side cameras to be available when turning on the front camera.

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Wow very nice!
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