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So, this has been an issue I feel like I have had for like 7 years. Just poor drivability, excessive turbo lag, throttle response and pedal feel, just overall poor performance as well as idle vibrations or rough idle. I was ready to replace the turbos because I thought the wastegates were stuck or had a bad turbo or boost leak, ripped blow off diaphragm, plugged cats or who knows...

Finally a couple weeks ago it threw a code (P2112) and I replaced the throttle body. Like $280, 4 bolts, 1 clamp and under 30 minutes later the truck performs like new. Instant throttle response, feels way stronger and does what I ask, when I ask. No more peddle mashing to get the truck to go now. This fixed so many gremlins I thought I was either going to have to live with till I sell or spend big money on.

I think the rough idle was a good tell tale as I am super diligent with air filters, plugs, sensor cleaning and oil changes but it still ran rough at idle. Now I have to look at the RPM gauge to tell at a stoplight if its even running. No misses, no hesitation. Hope this helps someone else.

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Thanks for this post - it's great to see someone post a solution to a problem!
@thundergrey - PM me your name and postal mailing address and I'll send you a couple of F150Ecoboost.net decals.
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